Dog Walking

Exercise, diet, and attention are important to your dog’s health. If you think you will be absent from home all day and do not have time to take your dog out, not to worry! Pet Sitting To The MAX offers a dog walking service where we pick up your dog and either walk him or her around the neighborhood or take your four legged friend to an outdoor space where they will receive plenty of exercise and fresh air.

Our pet sitter also offers pet sitting services to provide your furry friend with exercise and attention while you are out. Just like people, dogs have needs. Even if you work from home, the last thing you want is interruptions from your pup. Our dog boarding service is able to take your dog for the day and ensure he or she gets the proper animal care so that you can focus on your work. By the time you pick up your dog he or she will be exhausted from all the fun they had that day and ready to cuddle up with you. We also do cat sitting and in home pet sitting services.

For more information regarding our in home pet care service, contact Pet Sitting To The MAX in Mountain View, CA!