In Home Pet Care

When we’re out all day or even for just a few hours, our dogs can get very bored when they’re alone. Wondering when you’re coming home or if they’re going to go out and play that day, your pup realizes these things! With the help of Pet Sitting To The MAX’s in home pet care service, we will be able to provide convenience for you and your pet! Our pet sitter can visit your house for 30 minute intervals of your choosing. He can visit once or twice a day according to you and your pet's needs.

Serving the owners and dogs of Mountain View, CA, we proudly provide exceptional dog boarding for those who would like their dogs kept company while they’re away. Whether you just need a dog walking service or a cat sitter, our pet sitter can take care of it. Likewise, we also provide our pet sitting assistance for cats as well! As independent as cats may be, they still need some constant love and care. Our cat sitter can come by and keep your precious feline some company as you go out and finish your day!

Don’t let your pets feel bored and contact our pet sitter today!